Cruise Night POSTPONED

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We have decided to postpone Scribner’s Cruise Night for a couple of reasons.

It was quickly brought to our attention that there was a concern about it being scheduled on Good Friday.

Plus, the temperatures aren’t as amazing as they were when this was first planned…and that’s really no fun with your top down while crusin’ the mains.

We will be rescheduling it within the next couple weeks, as to give our area businesses more time to ready themselves for outdoor and to-go specials.

Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to do it before the farmers have to hit the fields!

We can’t let a pandemic get us down!

Bring out your fancy cars, your ordinary cars, come show off your trucks, load up your family and let’s DO THIS!

So come on down and join in the social distancing fun!!!

// From 6pm to 6:45pm \\