High Utility Bill

utility meters lined up on a house
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As you may have seen on our Facebook Live broadcast at our last city council meeting March 22, 2021, there has yet to be a resolve for February’s high electric bill.

The city has gone ahead and taken out the nearly $500,000 loan from Scribner Bank to cover the bill to pay Nebraska Municipal Power Pool. But have no fear, you shouldn’t be receiving a $4,000 utility bill in the mail anytime soon.

The city is working very hard to rectify this situation so that our residents don’t feel the effects of what has happened with the astronomical price increase for February’s electric bill.

We were able to rescue our gas residents with $93,000 in relief, not even realizing the electric bill would be so much worse.

The Governor, Lt. Governor, numerous senators, along with energy and environmental organizations within a 100-mile radius have been informed of this unfortunate happening, we are awaiting a response to our plea.

We are not the only town this has happened to, which is a good thing, it raises more questions in why this happened in the first place.

We will keep up the good fight and defend our town the best we can. Right now, we’re trying everything we can to help come up with a solution that doesn’t leave our residents hopeless.  

We’re all in this together and we are trying our best to take care of our own.