Scribner In a Second

a photo of downtown Scribner's old city hall building with a clock graphic stating "scribner in a second"
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Highlights from December 28, 2020 City Council Meeting…

  • Mike Baumert and Joe Wolfgram were sworn in for another term. Mike Baumert was then nominated by the council to remain as the council president.
  • Economic Development Report by Elizabeth Valla:
    • Able to apply for and secure a grant under Scribner Area Foundation, and in turn, the foundation was able to help keep the Scribner Food Bank going with a sizeable donation of $11,185
    • The last round of the Small Business Stabilization Grant Round 2, our town’s businesses collectively saw nearly $100,000. We have 50 businesses so this is a huge help to keep us going.
    • Scribner was in the news 12 times in December. We’re definitely getting recognized!
      • Fremont Tribune newspaper = 8
      • WOWT, Channel 6 = 3
      • Fremont Radio Station= 1
    • Working closely with the Dodge County Housing Taskforce to help resolve our housing shortage, offering up both open land and vacant buildings to investors and developers.
    • Back in June, I contacted a river tubing company to possibly look into expanding to Scribner during the summer months. Meetings will begin in January with myself and other city leaders, to look into what all of our options are for bringing this business to town.
    • Scribner Rescue, I’m working on a grant for $46,000 to supply one of our ambulances with a cot system that would help lift patients, rather than relying purely on our volunteers’ strength.
    • Paycheck Protection Program 2 applications are about to open. I’ve been preparing area businesses on what to expect and how they can prepare for opening day. First come, first serve is vital during this time – very little room for error.
  • The council talked about finding a way to help those without a truck, remove their fallen limbs from the ice storm. We will post on the city’s Facebook page & our website when we get it more organized.
  • Pitbulls will remain on the vicious dog list *see below link* Ordinance #590-20, under Section 16(A)
  • It was also added that existing Rottweilers can remain and will be grandfathered in, but no new ones can enter the town.
  • Highway 275 going around Scribner – according to the plans, it looks like it will be around 2-3 years before they reach our area.