Special Meeting 5.10.21

Downtown Scribner Skyline
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Scribner City Council

Special Meeting

May 10, 2021


1. Acknowledgement of Open Meetings Act/ LB 83E, Roll Call & Pledge of Allegiance

2. Citizens comments.

3. Discussion and possible action approving actions of Mayor signing of Tolling Agreement with Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN).

4. Discussion and possible action regarding Auction Revenue Rights and Transmission Congestion Rights Approval Form with Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN).

5. Discussion and possible action regarding Mohr Auditorium Committee bids work to be completed in June (CCCFF).

6. Update from Dodge County Board of Supervisors Meeting 5/5/21. – Bio-mass.

7.Ask Planning Commission for possible changes in Zoning in 1-Mile jurisdiction regarding biomass.

8. Swimming Pool update.

9. Section 14 Project update.

10. Insurance update.

11. Letter of Credit – current balance update.

12. Update on 2005 Cat 140H.

13. Economic Development Director update.

14. Correspondence.

 15. Next Regular Council Meeting on 5/24/2021 @ 6:30 P.M.

 16. Adjourn.

The council reserves the right to convene into executive session on any appropriate matter.