Utility Bill Help

bills and a calculator with the word help across it
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Even with the $93,000 relief from our city council, we understand bills are still high because of the demand in usage.

United Way is listed first (dial 211) because this seemed the most promising for one-time help…there are two programs to ask about when calling, Good Fellows and the other program is Pennies for Power.

United Way/Good Fellows Program/Pennies for Power Program 211

Fremont Family Coalition 402-721-4157

DHHS, Division of Children & Family Services 1800-467-9922, West Point – 402-372-6014

LifeHouse 402-727-6884, 402-721-3125

Goldenrod Hills Community Services 402-529-6278

The Salvation Army 402-721-0930

Dodge Co. General Assistance Emergency Fund 402-727-2731

Housing Authority of the City of Fremont 402-727-4848

Red Cross 1888-890-9569

Northeast Community Action 402-721-0619

Nebraska Emergency Rental Assistance Program 1-800-383-4278 coronavirus.nebraska.gov/EmergencyRentalAssistanceProgram