The City of Scribner is now accepting credit/debit cards when customers visit the office to pay utility bills or any other service the city now provides. They have added online payment option on the city’s web page.
“We have had several inquiries into the ability to pay with credit or debit card,” city administrator Elmer Armstrong said. “With today’s technology advances, the younger generation relies heavily on electronic devices to pay bills. It is just that type of society now.”
The City has had the auto debit feature for several years where monthly utility bills were automatically deducted from an account. All other transactions were cash or check only.
Those renting the community center or auditorium will be able to pay rent and deposits with credit/debit cards. Other services and fees will be reviewed and implemented in the future.
“Customers can now use their credit or debit cards to pay for any of the services provided by the city, whether it be online or in-person,” Armstrong said.
Persons wishing to use the online service can go to the city’s website ( where they will see the “Online Payment” button. This link will take them to the URL for making a variety of payments.
Credit and Debit cards accepted include Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express. There will be a customer transaction charge when the service is used. For credit cards the transaction fee is 2.49% of the transaction total. For debit cards the charge is $2.95 and for ACH the charge is $1.75.

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