COVID-19 UPDATE: What Signing a State of Emergency Means for Scribner

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What does it mean for the City of Scribner to declare a Local Disaster Declaration State of Emergency?

After a Disaster Declaration is declared, expenses that have occurred during this current pandemic, are eligible for monetary reimbursement.

The purpose for the Disaster Declaration is

During this COVID-19 pandemic, reimbursements will be available to law enforcement and first responders, regarding the unexpected costs for emergency supplies.

The City of Scribner is also eligible for reimbursement with any unexpected costs that may occur during this time.

It also sets a date, starting January 31, 2020, that any businesses in Scribner that may suffer a loss due to this pandemic will be eligible for a Small Business Administration Loan.

What this declaration DOESN’T mean…

This declaration has nothing to do with closing local businesses or in any regards toward the Scribner-Snyder School.

The City of Scribner will be following the federal, state and county’s lead on mandatory closing issues.

Nothing has developed yet for the City of Scribner or Dodge County, in regard to a mandatory shut down.

Does a Disaster Declaration mean citizens can’t go anywhere?

The City of Scribner is simply under what the federal, state and county has mandated, such as recommending no gatherings more than 10 people at this current time.

How long does will this Disaster Declaration stay in effect?

It’s unknown at this time how long the City of Scribner will be under this Disaster Declaration State of Emergency.