About Scribner


  • West Point (Population 3,315; 15-minute drive)
  • Fremont (Population 26,509; 20-minute drive)
  • Omaha (Population 468,262; 45-minute drive)

Scribner’s Name

Scribner was platted in 1871 by surveyor John Blair. Blair named the community after his son-in-law in Chicago, Charles Scribner, who was the forebear of the Scribner Publishing Company.

Our Mission

To promote the quality of life that small towns are famous for. Neighbors helping neighbors, where we welcome new friends and treasure old ones and everyone is a valued part of the community.

Small Town, Big Personality

If you have never been to Scribner, let us tell you what you’re missing!

Have you ever seen The Andy Griffith Show? Remember Mayberry?

Yeah, it’s like that!

I challenge you to find a small-town community that is as cool as we are.

We’ve got those vintage brick streets, the chic steakhouse with the tattered brick walls, we’ve got the bar where everyone knows your name and they’ll yell “Norm” every time you walk in, even if your name isn’t Norm.

We have a garbage man who is our kids’ hero! Every week he honks and waves, and if you catch him on the perfect day, he will even give you snacks!

Our Chief of Police is slightly like Andy Griffith, maybe a little more sarcastic, but we respect him, so we don’t want to do anything wrong to disappoint him, therefore our crime rate is, like, basically ZERO! Unless maybe little Tommy across the street who lit off a firework past 10pm, but that hardly counts.

We care about how our town looks, so you can count on one hand the number of houses in this town that need a little TLC. Scribner is literally the model for small towns.

And did you know we have 60 active businesses? The majority of our downtown storefronts are filled, and plenty more businesses are sprinkled around town.

How are we able to be a town of 857 and support 56 businesses? Because we take care of our own!

We don’t need to go outside of town to buy our groceries because we’d rather go inside Lee’s Market where they still carry your groceries out to your car for you. And if you can’t make it in, they’ll deliver it for you! Same as our pharmacy and hardware store. This is what small town service looks like! Heck, even our restaurants will deliver if you ask nice enough…

Then there is our school: Scribner-Snyder Community Schools. You’ve never met anyone prouder than a SS graduate!

Do they have 600 students in their graduating class?


But if you ask around, those who have graduated from here have gone on to be very successful. Maybe it’s because students aren’t competing for time spent with a teacher, when there less than 20 in a class. No one is left behind in our school district!

If you’re new here, trust us, we’ll be best friends in no time.

Welcome to Scribner, the happiest small town on Earth.