Resources for Seniors

Morning Coffee

Several seniors in the community meet at Mel’s Bar or The Coffee Coop for coffee and rolls every morning.

Walking at Mohr Auditorium

Walking is available at the Mohr Auditorium each Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9-10:30am.

Additional information can also be obtained by contacting the walking group managers:

  • Mary at 402-654-2545
  • Laura at 602-206-5622
  • Millie at 402-654-2301


Enhancing Rural Ministries for Aging Adults’ (ERMAA) mission is to encourage smaller, rural communities to unit and focus on healthy aging.

As part of promoting health of mind, body and spirit, ERMAA has chosen to set a goal of educating the public about Pickleball.

The popular game is a cross between badminton, ping pong and tennis.
Pickleball is played on a smaller court, either indoors or out. The whiffle ball and graphite paddles make it easily played by persons from 8 to 108. The level of competition is entirely up to the participants.

Pickleball sets are available at the walking site in Scribner at Mohr Auditorium. These can be used by the public during regularly scheduled walking times.