Jack Cordes, Utility Superintendent
Dale Miller, Utility Superintendent in training


Mike Stieren, Gas Superintendent

Street Superintendent

Clark Boschult

Building Inspector

Tom Henry


Jim Ebel

Garbage Service

All residents are required to have totes, which Waste Connections provide.

No alley pickups on unpaved roads. This is due to the continued maintenance costs to the Public Works Department and the body style of our automated equipment.

Scribner pickup day is on Thursday. Put your dumpster out on Wednesday night.

All trash needs to be bagged and tied. Any trash that is blown out while being dumped isn’t picked up.
Do not place anything in the container that exceeds 5-foot tall.
Items not allowed in the dumpsters are grass, leaves, tree branches, tires, batteries, any type of oil, paint, or chemicals.
Place the container within 4-feet from the curbside of road.
Leave a distance of 10-feet from parked vehicles, light poles, mailboxes, wires, etc.
If not enough room, trash will not be picked up.
The handle side of the tote must be facing away from the street for pickup.

Yard Waste

Under the current law, grass, and leaves (yard waste) are not to be included with the regular waste from April 1st through Nov. 30th. We have the city burn site that is open Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm. The only items that can be taken to the burn site are leaves, grass, trees and tree branches and raw lumber. No lumber that has glue, paint or plastic can be accepted.

If you have items that do not fit in your tote, cleaning out your garage or basement or anything else that doesn’t fit in your tote you will need to call Waste Connections (800-279-7511) and make arrangements with them to get a dumpster for those items. You will then pay Waste Connections direct for those services. Dumpsters are dumped every Friday.

House clean-ups and At-Home Construction Projects require dumpster service.

Scribner employees will not be responsible to move around these large containers. Construction projects generally include sheet rock, plaster, and lave and shingles. Because of the weight of these items, the costs to handle these services are greater. Due to the weight, your options are a 2-yard container or roll-off service. Roll Offs are large dumpster containers and includes 20-, 30-, or 40-yard capacity containers.

Dumpster Container Service

A. Containers must be ordered by Monday to be delivered on Wednesday.

B. When your container is ordered you are expected to pay for the first dump upon delivery of container. If you are not going to be home, you must leave a check (in an envelope) in a predetermined location. We suggest taping it to your front door.

C. When you need a pickup, call Customer Service (800-279-7511) by Monday of each week. If the pickup is your last pickup and you are done with the container, please specify that this is your FINAL PICKUP. Please remember if this is not your final pickup, then you will again need to leave a check for the next pickup. When you have your final pickup, there will be no need to leave a check because the service is prepaid.

*HOLIDAYS: Waste Connections observes the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Therefore, your pick-up day will be the day after your regularly scheduled pickup day.

City-Wide Cleanup Days

Bi-annually the city hosts a day where Scribner residents can dispose of anything EXCEPT paint, chemicals, motor oil, tires or any appliance containing freon, unless you can present a receipt of service, stating the freon has been professionally disposed of. 

We do have a city worker who monitors all dumps on these bi-annual cleanup days.

The location of the dumping is at the city’s burnsite.

The city hosts the cleanup days once in the Spring (usually the first Saturday in April) and another day in the Fall (usually the first Saturday in October). 

The cleanup dates are announced in our local newspaper, on our city’s Facebook page, our city’s website, on our city’s sign on Highway 275, along with flyers located at Hoge Hardware, Scribner Post Office and City of Scribner office.