Economic Director

Elizabeth Valla took over as Scribner’s Economic Development Director in February 2020.

She completed Nebraska’s Economic Development Certified Community Program, certifying Scribner as one of 40 communities in Nebraska. In March of 2021, Scribner was recognized by Lt. Gov. Mike Foley on its accomplishments of the certification.

This program certifies communities that display economic development preparedness and a desire for growth.

Her main goals have been to bring in new businesses, sustaining and marketing current businesses, while expanding local housing options. According to the 2020 Dodge County Housing Survey, Scribner is short 24 dwellings for its current population size.

Since 2020, 11 new businesses have been added to our community. See the new businesses HERE.

She is currently working with a development company out of Lincoln, to bring in new townhomes and single-family housing.

Valla also runs Scribner’s website, along with City of Scribner’s Facebook, Scribner’s Police Facebook, Pebble Creek Vintage Thrift Facebook and Scribner’s SQ150 Celebration Facebook

Contact info:

Call or text: 402-719-8589