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Industrial Site Available Lots

LAST AVAILABLE lot in Scribner’s Industrial Site

610 Industrial Road
Scribner, NE
Recently replatted, now at just under 2 acres

Sale Price: $10,000

Parcel #270139759

Residential Available Lots

The City of Scribner has 7 lots available for new house construction, located along Fulton Street. All lots are in city limits on city utilities with fiber optic cable, providing high-speed internet through Great Plains Communications. Each lot is .25 acres at $7,500 a lot. In recent years, Scribner has had four new homes constructed and occupied, a new apartment complex reconstructed and in July 2022, construction will begin for townhomes and single family homes on Main & Bridge Streets.

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Economic Development Director

Elizabeth Valla took over as Scribner’s Economic Development Director in February 2020.

She completed Nebraska’s Economic Development Certified Community Program, certifying Scribner as one of 40 communities in Nebraska. In March of 2021, Scribner was recognized by Lt. Gov. Mike Foley on its accomplishments of the certification.

This program certifies communities that display economic development preparedness and a desire for growth.

Her main goals have been to bring in new businesses, sustaining the businesses we have, while expanding local housing options. According to the 2020 Dodge County Housing Survey, Scribner is short 24 dwellings for its current population size.

Since 2020, 11 new businesses have been added to our community. See the new businesses HERE.

She is currently working with a development company out of Lincoln, to bring in new townhomes and single-family housing.

Valla also runs Scribner’s website, along with City of Scribner’s Facebook, Scribner’s Police Facebook, Pebble Creek Vintage Thrift Facebook and Scribner’s SQ150 Celebration Facebook

Contact info:

Call or text: 402-719-8589

Mission Statement

The mission of the Scribner Economic Development office is to provide proactive leadership and vision for the City of Scribner that results in perpetuating short and long-term sustainable economic growth through job and business growth, a competitive wage scale, suitable housing, a stable population, and fosters and preserves a high quality of life for all citizens.

Economic Development Priorities and Strategic Plan

Scribner’s community and economic development priority is to improve the quality of life for our citizens. This involves building on our strengths, promoting our existing businesses, working to retain existing jobs, expanding current businesses, promoting entrepreneurship and recruiting new businesses. We also work to strengthen our workforce, develop community resources, attract new capital investment, broaden the community’s tax base, and provide local community services needed to maintain a good quality life.

Local Incentives

The City of Scribner recognizes that the retention and expansion, along with the attraction of new businesses, is occurring in a very competitive marketplace. In order to make Scribner as competitive as possible, the community must strive to use all financial and human resources available by using federal, state, municipal and private sources.

City Sales Tax—LB840-was approved by Scribner voters in 2009. The Scribner Economic Development Program is funded by the proceeds from a 35 percent of a 1-1/2 (one and one-half) percent local sales and use tax for a period of 15 years. It is estimated that $110,000.00 per year will be generated for the Economic Development Program for an estimated 15-year total of $1,650,000.00. For more information, contact Elizabeth Valla, Economic Development Director at (402) 664-3101.

Download Economic Development Plan PDF

Scribner Improvement and Industrial Corporation Revolving Loan Fund – is a local plan for projects located within Scribner. The objectives of the reuse fund are to provide financing for start-up and existing businesses that cannot obtain conventional financing, to attract new business to the area and to create and retain jobs for low to moderate income persons. An application review committee has been created to review applications. For more information, contact Martin Koopman, Scribner Improvement and Industrial President, at 402-664-2461.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) – The City of Scribner has the ability to use TIF to assist a new or expanding business in order to fund public improvements associated with private developments in “blighted or substandard” areas of the community. This financing captures the projected increase in property tax revenue, which results from the private development. The maximum period on this is 15 years.

Scribner Industrial Park – The Scribner Improvement and Industrial Corporation is negotiable on land pricing for sites located at the Industrial Park.

State Incentives

Nebraska Advantage – The Nebraska Advantage package was designed to create a business climate that makes Nebraska the preferred location for starting and growing your business. The Nebraska Advantage rewards businesses that invest in the state and hire Nebraskans. In this progressive, pro-business tax climate, corporate income and sales taxes are reduced or virtually eliminated.

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For additional information or questions, contact:

Scribner Economic Development Office
530 Main Street, PO Box D
Scribner, NE 68057

Economic Development Director

Elizabeth Valla
Office (402) 664-3101
Fax (402) 664-3162
Cell (402) 719-8589

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