Dodge County Fair – August

Scribner is home to the Dodge County Fair held each year during the first weekend in August. Dodge County Fair Board members plan all year long and fill four days with livestock shows, 4-H exhibits and a variety of fun for the entire family. From the competition to the entertainment, this fair has it all! And it is one of the few around that doesn’t charge an admission fee. The fair is old-fashioned fun!

Dodge County Fair Board

  • President Lisa Schole, Hooper
  • Vice-President D.J. Mottl, North Bend
  • Secretary Laurie Helgenberger, Scribner
  • Treasurer Becky Lynn, Uehling
  • Fair Manager Houston Moseman, Hooper
  • Al Settles, Scribner
  • Scott Langemeier, Scribner
  • Phil Stollberg, Scribner
  • Beth Horvatich, Uehling
  • Doug Vrana, North Bend
Left to right: DJ Mottl, vice president; former member Mitch Miller; Lisa Schole, president; Justin Smith; Beth Horvatich; Doug Vrana; Becky Lynn, treasurer; Scott Langemeier; Phil Stollberg; Al Settles; Laurie Helgenberger, secretary; Houston Moseman, fair manager.