Big Give – May 7th

Scribner Area Foundation will be participating in the 2024 Fremont Area Big Give on Tuesday, May 7th, aiming to support Scribner’s efforts to fund a large landmark sign on the new Highway 275 bypass.

The goal is to raise $62,500 during the 24-hour campaign.

Donations made toward this cause are eligible for a 40% state tax credit, thanks to the Community Development Assistance Act from the State of Nebraska.

The mayor-appointed sign committee aimed to create a unique attraction, enticing traffic from the 4-lane to stop and snap a picture with Scribner’s distinctive sign. They envisioned it as more than just a landmark but a catalyst for visitors to explore our town, patronize local businesses, dine, and even stay awhile. Additionally, it serves as a sought-after backdrop for seniors and wedding parties, offering them a memorable photo opportunity to cherish.

**Donations for the Big Give can be made online at the link provided in the “DONATE” button at the top of this page or dropped off at the Scribner City office prior to May 7th or on May 7th (8am-5pm).
Checks can be made out to Scribner Area Foundation and either handed to our city’s front desk at 530 Main Street, donations can also be placed in the city’s dropbox, located in the lobby.

For more information on this project, click the “DONATE” button above or contact Scribner’s Economic Director, Elizabeth Valla at or 402-719-8589.