Construction Updates

March 11, 2024

On Monday 3/11 & Tuesday 3/12 flaggers will be in place on Hwy. 275 and the Hwy. 91 intersection for culvert/pavement construction.

Also, next week on the south end of the project, the paving operations will start. This will increase truck traffic in that area on the Hwy. 275 and county roads(14 & H).

Bridge work is continuing throughout the project.

North of Scribner median intersection grading has started with pavement to follow soon.

Use caution as this work starts up. Please make sure students are aware and any help with information placed on the City website would be appreciated.

December 21, 2023

🚧ALLLLRIGHTY FOLKS, here’s the situation: the new highway isn’t going to open until tomorrow. They didn’t want to open it now with all the fog and wet conditions.🌧🌧🌧

OPENING DAY (for the 3rd time): December 22, 2023.

December 18, 2023

🔀The traffic is scheduled to be shifted onto the new roadway Thursday 12/21.

December 13, 2023


❌Due to a delay with the subcontractor, the new highway will NOT be opening Thursday, December 14th.

📅The highway does not have a definite opening date as of right now, but it will be sometime next week! We will keep you updated.

December 12, 2023

🔀THIS THURSDAY 12/14🚧Traffic will be switched onto the new lanes around Scribner.

5️⃣5️⃣The Speed Limit will be 55MPH.

🛑Old Hwy 275 will be closed on the south end at County Road 14 and on the north end at the levee gate area, motorists will have to use the county roads to enter New Hwy 275.

December 4, 2023

🛑Today the contractor should finish installing the STOP signs in both directions on County Roads F, Fairacres, 13 & 14.

They believe it’s best to get everyone in the habit of stopping at those intersections before the full traffic switch next week. As of right now, they do not have an exact opening day yet.

October 4, 2023

🚩Tomorrow 10/4, flaggers will be in place at the Hwy 275/Hwy 91 intersection. The contractor was able to pave the inside lane after last weeks switch. The traffic will be slid over to the east, which will allow more room for turning traffic at the intersection and give more shoulder clearance for southbound traffic.

💡Today at our progress meeting, the question was asked about lighting at intersection? With this switch tomorrow, the temporary surfacing south of the intersection and on the north side of Hwy 91 will be removed and allow permanent grading to be completed. Once grading completed the lights can be installed.

Currently the lighting contractor is working on County Road B (Dead Timber). Cuming County Power is aware of the progress and has the power at Hwy275/91 and working on County Road B.

September 21, 2023 update

🚩Today (Sept 21) on Hwy 91 flaggers will be in place for smoothness testing.

🛣️Weather permitting the rest of the week. On Monday 9/25 traffic will be shifted onto the new Hwy 275 roadway near the Dodge/Cuming Co. line.

🌉On the south end traffic will tie into the bridge north of Scribner and then continue into town. Traffic will be head-to-head with no passing.

🟢Hwy 91 & County Roads A, B, C, D, & E will be open. Driveways will be connected across the old Hwy. for residents/farmers to access properties.

🔴Work is progressing well at County Road F & County Road 13. Will keep everyone informed as to when they will open.

🌉The plan is to have traffic use the new Pebble Creek Bridge by mid-October. Traffic will travel head-to-head across the new bridge and then split using the south crossover.

August 25, 2023 update

🚩Flagging will be in place tomorrow 8/25 at the Hwy 275/Hwy 91 intersection for a concrete pour.

🔀The traffic switch on to the new bridge between Scribner & Hwy 91 tomorrow is delayed until Wednesday 8/30. Flaggers will be present on Hwy 275.

🟢On Monday 8/28, County Road 14 along with 12 Court will open.

🛑County Road 13 will close for and extended period of time.

🟢County Roads A, B, D & E are open.

🛑County Road C was set to open Friday, a delivery truck drove around the barricades and into the new concrete, which has created some re-work.

🛑County Road F is still closed for new pavement.

August 18, 2023 update

🛑County Road F was officially closed today and will be closed for an extended period of time for paving.

🚩Tomorrow 8/17, flaggers will be in place between Scribner and Hwy 91 for a concrete pour.

🚩Friday 8/18, flaggers will be in place between Pebble Creek and Scribner. Traffic will be shifted onto the new lanes with a Speed Limit 55.

⚠️County Roads E & D will have concrete pours ½ an intersection at a time. Traffic will be able to get through.

🛑County Road C is closed and will pour this intersection Saturday.

🚩Monday 8/21, flaggers will be in place on Hwy 91 to pour the remaining eastbound lane.

➡️County Road 14 (open) & County Road 13 (close) is sliding towards the end of next week.

🔀Also, looking at traffic switch onto the new bridge between Scribner & Hwy 91 at the end of next week. Traffic will cross onto the new lanes and then back to existing highway with Speed Limit 55. This will allow for work to start on the adjacent bridge.

🌧All this is weather permitting.