New Highway Sign

In August 2022, our Highway 275 Message Sign decided it was too tired to continue on with life. It deserved its retirement, as when ordered in 2011, it was only supposed to last 5 years, but went on to live 11 whole years. Nowadays, these types of signs are built to last much longer.

While we are grateful for its service, we must say: we’re not too sad to see it go. In the last 3 years, that sign gave our economic director nothing but trouble. It would constantly need the software wiped and reprogramed, which involved climbing up into the tower each time. On hot days, it would just up and quit, and on cold days, it would ironically freeze up.

BUT thanks to our LB840 Citizen’s Advisory Committee for choosing to help fund a new sign for our town. Many of our commuters and townsfolk count on that sign to read the latest news, newest businesses opening, important meetings, event dates, etc. When COVID hit, it was a great asset to letting everyone know who delivered food and medicine, when the food bank was, what was shut down, etc.

The reason we’ve been with no sign since August is because our economic director was working to see if it could be miraculously fixed, but alas, it was deader than a doorknob.

THEN she had to find a sign company who was willing to find a solution for us and give us a reasonable quote so we knew what we needed to raise for funds.

THEN the funds had to be found, before we could even order the sign.

THEN the sign needed to be ordered.

THEN we had to wait for the sign to be delivered to Clear Image.

THEN we had to wait for Clear Image to be able to come out in the cold to replace it.

THEN we discovered it needed more amps than our old sign, and the breakers needed updated. Thanks to Jack Cordes for withstanding the snowy weather to rewire pretty much the whole thing.

And that, ladies and gentleman is the story of why we were without a sign for so long…

The End.