Scribner Library is GOLD

Scribner Library has met the requirements to be accredited at the Gold level through December 31, 2028, thanks to our wonderful Library Director, Angie Brainard.

A lot of work, research and studies go into making this accreditation possible. Throughout the state, only 38 libraries are at the GOLD level!

Levels of Accreditation

Accreditation and levels of accreditation are based on a system of accrued points. For each guideline on the Accreditation Application, a library may earn a number of points. A total of 275 points is available.

The points required for each level of accreditation are:
250 – Gold Level
200 – Silver Level
175 – Bronze Level


  • establishes minimum standards for library service
  • ensures that libraries adhere to certain standards
  • offers libraries benchmarks
  • offers libraries evidence that certain expenditures, services, and practices are needed and expected

Public Library Accreditation is valid for five years.

of Accreditation:

  • Eligible for State Aid to public libraries – which can include an incentive payment to acknowledge the achievement of reaching Silver or Gold Accreditation status: $200 for Silver accredited libraries and $400 for Gold accredited libraries.
  • Eligible to apply for grants through the Nebraska Library Commission, which include Continuing Education & Training Grants, Internship Grants, Library Improvement Grants, and Youth Grants for Excellence.
  • Eligible to apply for Community Development Block Grants from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development – for community facilities.
  • Eligible to apply for USDA Grants and Loans – for community facilities.


Congrats Scribner Public Library!